The current debate on drugs totally ignores the key issue. We’re talking about testing young people at concerts which I’d suggest is a waste of time and discriminatory. We’re also talking about testing drivers which ignores the point.

Not all drugs were created equal and different drugs have different effects on people.

Until recently I hadn’t realised that marijuana stays in the system for some weeks yet P barely lasts 24 hours. Cocaine correspondingly lasts a few days.

So if I took P last night it wouldn’t show up on a drug test today yet if I smoked dope a couple of weeks ago it would.

You’d then have to ask who would be the safer driver and I’d suggest it would be last weeks dope smoker although they would pass positive for a drug test.

Also what’s testing at a music festival likely to prove? That the person took drugs. So what are you going to do about it? The event has passed and the police have been told to go easy on drug users.

So my view of the debate is that it is about politicians meddling and trying to look busy and not about achieving anything concrete or positive.

The drug debate in New Zealand has been going in ever diminishing circles for generations. I can remember back in the 1970’s there was a massive police drug sting at Massey University. They caught and charged about 50 people for smoking dope who were immediately expelled. The sting would have cost a fortune and for what, potential professors condemned to unskilled occupations?

We’ve had the police mantra since then that marijuana leads to hard drugs which is drivel. If that had been the case my entire university generation would have been hard line heroin addicts long ago.

We’ve now legislation legalising medicinal marijuana and we’re going to have a referendum on legalising marijuana for recreational use which is a step in the right direction but the reality is that the horse has bolted.

Marijuana has been readily available to my knowledge for half a century. Most other drugs are in a similar category.

The issue for me is that the drug industry which is massive is run by the gangs and other illegal organisations. It is in my view the supply of drugs and the massive profits from them that go, tax free into the underworld.

We have lost the war on drugs, game, set and match.

There are additional issues. I’m told by reliable sources that while dope isn’t addictive P is hugely so. Drug dealers are selling P for the same price as dope or lacing dope with it.

The answer for me is to forget the political posturing, legalise drugs and put them firmly under state control.

I was told once by a senior medical professor that marijuana, alcohol and tobacco had been around in one form or another since before the birth of Christ.

Judging by modern medical information the least harmful and addictive is marijuana.

The issue is that under state control you can regulate the product and the industry. It is a no-brainer so why not do it – now?