I’m really pleased our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is building bridges in China. They are our biggest market and I believe that despite the hysteria from some they are a far more benign influence on world politics than the USA.

The cries of ‘traditional allies’ from some are hollow. I’d sooner be friends with China than the USA over its current foreign policy, the Brits with Brexit or the EU over protectionism.

We have an absolute shambles currently in Venezuela as a result of American interference which has in turn encouraged Russia. It’s the business of neither.

Syria has just finished a bloody chapter and who won that?

Iraq and Afghanistan has achieved little, certainly for the USA.

The American’s have been sycophantic to the Israelis which might make them feel good but is a little more than a two fingered salute to world opinion.

It seems paranoid for whatever reason about Iran and has imposed draconian boycotts. For the record I don’t have a problem with Iran. They are or could be a good market for New Zealand.

America doesn’t want Iran to be nuclear but I don’t see why not, Israel is.

It gets worse. Papers just revealed that the Trump administration is encouraging Saudi Arabia in the nuclear race. Why? They murder journalists they don’t like, are still in the dark ages and just recently they tapped Amazon Founder, Jeff Bezos phone so they could embarrass him in the American media. One would have to ask why?

With all the above in mind I’m happy the PM is in China, I’m thrilled that unlike Australia we have an independent foreign policy and I’d sooner be friends with Beijing that Washington.