I’ve written a Farmers Weekly article on the so-called reform of the Arms Act. You can read it on Friday but I do make the point that there is no place for military style semi-automatics, exploding ammunition or large magazines. It was parliament that allowed them.

There is, however, the need for semi-automatics on farms to control goats, pigs and deer.

The parliamentary brains trust that suggested semi-automatic 22’s would do the job have no idea.

Then we read that Doc staff, Regional Council staff and contractors will be allowed to have semi-automatics but farmers won’t. We can phone a contractor.

As any idiot knows that’s not how it’s done. Getting rid of pests takes many hours in isolated areas. The cost of hiring a contractor would be prohibitive.

In addition why do our politicians want to get rid of pests on public land while ignoring them on the productive rural sector?

It seems to me they are there for perks, position, and privilege, certainly not performance.

And where are the rural based politicians and those in the provinces.

I’m unimpressed with Damien O’Connor on this issue but as far as I can tell he is the only person in the Labour party with a farming background.

Where are Nathan Guy, David Carter, Barbara Kuriger, Hamish Walker or Todd Muller?

Where are Shane Jones and Mark Patterson from NZ First.

What that tells us is that there is not one politician in parliament willing to stand up for farmers. We’re on our own and that brothers and sisters constitutes a crisis.

There is no party in the NZ Parliament that farmers can vote for – we’ve been sold out by the lot.