In the believe it or not category we have a new gun lobby in New Zealand. They want the introduction of a mandatory gun register, a ban on all semi-automatic weapons and a shortened three year registration period for gun owners.

For the record I don’t have a problem with a gun register, you can’t control some introduced pests with a bolt action rifle and why have a three year registration for gun owners when you have a passport and drivers license for ten. Cars kill more people in New Zealand than guns do.

Some of the quotes from the group are, well, nauseating.

‘As a parent I don’t want children and teachers to view shooter lock down drills as an everyday part of school life’ was one quote. One could respectfully ask for the evidence behind the quote.

Another who is a lecturer at Otago made the point that ”gun owners and non-gun owners alike saw the benefits of living in a non-violent society’.

What an asinine statement and it is important to realise that the vast majority of violence in NZ has nothing to do with guns.

A third member told us that it was important to remember ‘that all guns held illegally in NZ were once legal’. She added ‘we have no smuggling of guns into NZ’.

Wrong in fact. There has been considerable documented smuggling of guns.

I suppose on the bright side if the three do-gooders are making ridiculous statements about gun control it will keep them off the streets. If they’re not going on about guns who knows what they might do. Require teachings of the Flat Earth Society to be compulsory in schools.