Last night we went to dinner courtesy of WIZ wireless, our internet provider. It was to say thank you for our support, in our case since their inception back in 2005.

We could have equally taken them to dinner to say thank you for your exemplary service, totally consistent, quick and reliable for all that time.

When we finally sold the company in Wellington and moved here full time we had to rely on, believe it or not, dial up. In addition there was no cell phone coverage. Sending anything or researching anything on dial up was almost impossible. In fact when I was commissioned to write a specialist article on labour laws I drove the 50 k into Masterton and back each day to use the internet at the library.

Telecom now Spark weren’t remotely interested in giving us a service, they’d promise the world and deliver nothing.

Then in rode WizWireless in the form of Bridget and Johnny Canning.

We immediately signed up and life hasn’t been the same since. We’ve enjoyed 14 years of super fast wireless broadband. I can work from home including editing DVD’s here. People come and tell me our service is quicker than their fibre in Wellington or Palmerston North. We’ve never had a problem.

In addition when we shifted house on the farm we were told a telephone connection would cost us ‘upwards of $8500’. I rang Cannings and they arranged voice over the internet at an initial cost of $600 plus $40 a month for all local and national calls.

We kept our Spark number and the system 2talk works extremely well.

The Cannings started WIZwireless by raising $200,000 on the farm and starting from scratch. Local farmers, as frustrated as we were allowed the erection of towers on their land. WIZwireless now has more than 1000 subscribers which is a credit to the professionalism and drive of the organisation. You can ring with a query, any query and you get an answer immediately. What’s more you’re dealing with locals who know and understand your position.

In a world where fast, reliable communication is a must Cannings effectively put their farm under financial stress to give the Wairarapa a great service.

They are to be thanked and congratulated for that.