I got to thinking which is always dangerous this time of year about the carbon footprint of Christmas. Christmas trees especially.

If just one person in five has a pine tree as a Christmas tree that’s one million trees or 1000 hectares at 1000 trees per hectare. As in this area a three year pine tree has absorbed nine tonnes of carbon that’s 9000 tonnes of carbon released into the atmosphere each and every Christmas. It’s a scandal.

Further if the average person’s annual carbon footprint is around nine tonnes of carbon a year that Christmas tree supply is equal to the total footprint of 1000 people.

Realistically an artificial Christmas tree would have required more carbon to manufacture so my figures are conservative.

The issue is important if not vital. Just before Christmas the government decreed a climate change emergency. An emergency means ‘a danger demanding immediate action’.

To save the planet that ’emergency can only have one outcome. To ban Christmas trees.

Don’t delay, do it now, the survival of the planet depends on it.