I recently flew from Palmerston North to Christchurch and back for a family funeral. The flight down was fine but coming back!

It was latish in the day, the airport was deserted and we were due to fly at 6-40. At 6-20 we were told that the flight could be delayed for 10 minutes and they would get back to us shortly as there was some inclement weather approaching.

We didn’t hear anything for half an hour. Some rain came and went and flights left for both Wellington and Auckland.

At 6-51 I received a text from Air NZ telling me the flight would depart at 7pm. I found that interesting as they were going to get everyone out of the terminal, on to the plane and depart in just nine minutes.

As luck would have it we departed at 7-15.

The final iniquity was on arrival at Palmerston North we were told we’d have to wait as a flight had arrived from Auckland.

I’m not criticizing the pilots or cabin crew in any way but I am the system. As a simple example of their thinking. Air NZ recently told us amongst a blaze of glory that they had done a new, expensive, super dooper in flight safety video. One could humbly ask why?

International travel won’t he happening for a while yet and at the provincial level the flight attendant stands in the aisle and explains a card to you.