That the tragic event that was the Christchurch terror attack is one point. That the actions of people that could have prevented have been given an out of jail free card is another.

The report points out that there were failings in both police and intelligence actions but that those failings wouldn’t have stopped the attack.

I have several concerns. The first is that I’ve been aware of people who gave evidence to the Commission only to have been disappointed at the watering down of that evidence. Further why lock up the evidence for a massive 30 years after which everyone involved will be either long retired or dead. It’s hardly open government.

Getting into the hard issues I’ve applied and received firearms licenses over the years in Canterbury, Wellington and Wairarapa. In all cases I’ve been interviewed at length, the storage has been checked and my wife and referee interviewed. The system, properly administered does work. That it didn’t in Dunedin delivers culpability.

Further the shooter was granted a license in 2017 at a time when the Police Annual Report noted that the resources available for firearms licensing were limited.

Surely that would have rung alarm bells. Did the Ministers around that time, Judith Collins and Paula Bennett think that was OK. Further I’m aware that the Southern Police Commander spent $28000 doing up his office. Wouldn’t those resources have been better spent on firearm licensing?

The Police were also informed of strange behavior by the shooter and chose to ignore it.

The question remains as to how many other white supremacists have firearms licenses.

The Intelligence Agencies also have questions to answer. SIS head Rebecca Kitteridge waxed long and eloquently about Jihadi brides with little proof offered while the terrorist was touring the battle scenes of Christian Muslim conflict.

I thank the Muslim community for their report. It has more credibility in my view than the Royal Commission which is to quote Oscar Wild, ‘attempting to wash one’s clean living in public’.

So from here everyone will be happy having as the Army statement goes, having ‘covered their arses’. People may die but the bureaucracy survives.

Life from here will be interesting. After the terror attack the PM swore to ban military style semi-automatics. I agreed. It then became all semi automatics courtesy of a Police agenda, a gullible Minister and a complete lack of knowledge of firearms amongst government with the obvious exception of Ron Mark.

We now have Nicole McKee in Parliament which brings a breath of sanity in my view.