I can remember the underarm incident of 40 years ago. Back then I couldn’t believe it and neither could the commentators. You couldn’t hit a six off the last ball of an innings at the MCG so why do it?

My belief is that Cricket isn’t a sport in Australia, it’s a blood match.

Back then I thought the actions despicable and I still do. The fact that no-one has apologised at player or official level is an indictment.

Then just twelve years ago we had Australian wicket keeper Brad Haddin’s dismissal of Neil Broome was even more distasteful than the under arm incident.

It’s not only players but officials too. Australian umpire Dick French didn’t award Danny Morrison a match winning wicket when it was clearly out.

Then just two years ago there was the ball tampering scandal which was blatant Australian cheating. Those responsible were hit over the wrist with a wet bus ticket such was the support of those actions by Australian Cricket.

Recently you’ve had some disgraceful sledging and the rubbing out of a batsman’s marks. Puerile at best but cheating.

So my advice to the ICC if they wanted to improve the image of world Cricket would be to ban Australia.