I’ve just seen the New Years Honours list and a lineup of irrelevancies it would be hard to beat. While I support the recognition to Stephen Tindall and Kim Workman plus the awards to those community volunteers in the areas of children, the disabled, the prevention of family violence and the like the rest is verging on the nauseating.

For a start if someone is paid to do a job giving them an award is ridiculous. The law profession is a case in point. To recognise gold plated lawyers and judges in the honours list is crazy.

Then add services to the likes of being a violinist, a photographer, a fashion ‘expert’, chess player, karate kid and taekwan-do addict and it lurches from comedy to farce.

Add to that politicians effectively giving themselves awards including Knighthoods and the entire system becomes irrelevant.

Further it is a political circus with the honours signed off by Cabinet and subject to political manoeuvreing as Jamie Lee Ross claimed.

That list then goes to the Queen for final sign-off and one would have to ask respectfully why. This is New Zealand in 2018 for heaven’s sake.

Why should a monarch 15000 kilometres away have any input into an award for a teacher in Taihape for example.

Unsurprisingly I’d like to see the honours system as it currently exists scrapped. People who do genuine work in the community don’t want or need to be given gongs.

We shouldn’t be encouraging the social climbers and political sychophants