I received strong reaction to my blog on Fish and Game’s ‘survey’. Unsurprisingly I stick with everything I said.

I’d now add that the organisation is a rampant hypocrite. I did mention in my last blog that Fish and Game completely ignored the reports of 379 sewerage overflows into our pristine streams and rivers.

Was there any comment from the trade union – in a word no.

We also read that many councils operated effluent systems that were past their use by date. Again not a dickey board from the team at Fish and Game towers.

Putting it in further perspective just 15% of New Zealand’s streams run through dairy farms, 97% of those streams are fenced meaning dairy, the great evil in the eyes of Fish and Game is just a bit player. In addition our most polluted streams run through cities not farm land.

That doesn’t stop Fish and Game vitriolic anti-dairy mantra while ignoring the real causes of pollution.

What really brought the hypocrisy to me was a superb article in the web-based news site Newsroom.

I find Newsroom highly professional and the article in question was entitled ‘The end is nigh for our lakes’ written by Queenstown based freelance writer Poppie Johnson.

Ms Johnson argues that Queenstown and Wanaka lakes waterways are in danger and that no-one was taking it seriously.

Cynically I’d suggest putting a few dairy cows down there and Fish and Game would become apoplectic but no dairy cows no problem it seems.

The facts Ms Johnson gives us is that Lake Wakatipu certainly the Frankton Arm had four times the recommended levels of E. Coli causing warning notices to be issued.

Lake Hayes has, over the past few years had periodic closures because of E. Coli and cyanobacteria. The latter causes ‘vomiting diarrhoea, coughing, headaches, fevers, blisters from contact and in rare cases slurred speech and respiratory distress. It can also be extremely harmful to animals’.

The problem is varied but doesn’t include farming.

the 17000 freedom campers, (freedom defecators) and ducks, those little feathered friends that Fish and Game breed up so people can kill them are the problem. There are also issues with the three million visitors a year.

What annoys me is that the fishing in the area is superb yet there is nothing from Fish and Game on the issues surrounding pollution. Many streams in dairying areas don’t have trout or salmon in them and never have yet dairy farmers are pilloried.

In addition a local farmer blocked access to a swimming hole because he found nappies on the river bank. He also had a problem with freedom campers.

Again nothing to do with farming.

So my sincere and humble advice to Fish and Game is to be consistent across the board or butt out. Your hypocricy is only exceeded by your arrogance.