The front page of the normally conservative Christchurch Press had me in stitches. ‘Weedkiller ban busting Christchurch Budget’ it read.

We were then told that ‘phasing out toxic weedkiller has left the Garden City with a costly fix for getting rid of pest plants’.

Toxic according t my dictionary is ‘harmful or deadly – poisonous’. Roundup the chemical they’re talking about is neither harmful, deadly nor poisonous.

Then in the believe it or not category we read that the cost of getting rid of weeds by hand was costing an extra $two million over just a six month period.

You can only wonder what’s going to happen in Christchurch next, digging fields by hand instead of using Roundup to chemically plough. They obviously couldn’t use tractors because of the environmental footprint.

Looking at the scientific evidence abound Roundup. If you drank it 80% is excreted in 24 hours.

Despite the Christchurch City Council hysteria about it causing cancer the American Environmental Protection Agency said ‘Roundup was unlikely to cause cancer’. The European Chemicals Agency said ‘the available scientific evidence did not meet the criteria to classify Roundup as carcinogenic’.

The fact is that on the cancer rating scale alcohol is one followed by Roundup, red meat and frying.

My other question as the City Council seems to be using tarot cards rather than scientific fact is to ask how many of the gardeners and vegetable growers in the Garden City regularly use Roundup?

I’d imagine a lot. Mind you they haven’t the unlimited funds the council has to pay people to hand weed.