I just read some really relevant research to global warming. It came from UCLA so it has to be right.

In America there are more than 163 million dogs and cats which surprised me.

That’s fine in itself but they are responsible for dumping 64 million tonnes of greenhouse gases into the air every year.

That’s about equivalent to 13 million vehicles or three times the entire NZ fleet.

What I didn’t realise is that cats and dogs in the good old US of A consume about 19% the amount of calories that people do and as they are carnivors they eat meat.

They eat the same number of calories as 62 million Americans or 13 times the population of NZ.

On the flip side they produce 30% as much poop as Americans do, equivalent to the total trash of six million Americans.

Their carbon footprint is increasing too as pet owners go up market with their pet food. Gourmet pet food is increasingly popular.

So my thoroughly research suggestion for New Zealands carbon woes is not to push farmers into the ETS. Don’t tax their methane either.

Just kill all the cats and non-farm dogs.

It’s simple really. I’m off to talk to Eugenie and David.