On one hand I’m pleased at the furore over the Auckland water crisis. The agricultural sector has to put up with the same circus whenever they want to save water – for whatever reason.

On the other I’m disgusted with the opportunistic and arrogant attitude of Iwi and local and regional government in the Waikato.

The Waikato is a large river that no-one owns. It floods regularly with the destruction that brings.

Over 90% of the water from the river runs out to sea and is of use to no-one.

Auckland is suffering a drought they need the water. The people of Auckland look the same and behave the same as those of the Waikato. It is inevitable many are related.

Why then can’t they take water from the Waikato? It isn’t going to make one blind bit of difference to the river or the locals but will have a major effect on Auckland and its people.

While I’m pleased we’re going to have a Board of Inquiry I’d sooner the Minister made the only sensible decision and allowed Auckland to take the water.

For heaven’s sake. The entire country has suffered a drought, we’ve been through a covid-19 crisis and now we’re having one man made by idiots from the Waikato who are no doubt suggesting profit before integrity.