I’ve worked from home for 20 years. We have a high speed wireless network in coastal Wairarapa. For the record working at home was infinitely more profitable and relaxing than running an office with staff on the Terrace in Wellington.

In addition it drastically lowers your carbon footprint. You don’t have to start a vehicle to go anywhere, don’t get stuck in the traffic and you don’t waste money on coffee.

Hopefully the recent experience with the lock down has convinced employers and employees alike of the benefits of working from home.

It seems to have done that as more people in Auckland are working from home and traffic volumes are down.

What frustrates me is that we’re bombarded with information about global warming, reducing our carbon footprint and stopping burping ruminants yet heading into an election we’re promised more roads which will encourage a greater traffic flow and a larger carbon footprint.

Why can’t politicians think laterally and factor in different work habits.

We’re told that in Holland over 14% of the Dutch workforce work from home. Taking that percentage of vehicles off the road at rush hour is huge.

Another issue is that 98% of Dutch homes have high speed internet. In NZ while that figure is true for the cities it certainly isn’t for the provinces and needs to be fixed.

That would allow people to move from the cities to work in the provinces further reducing our carbon footprint.

So this election don’t give me the old pork barrel of uncosted motorways and harbour crossings. Tell me what you will do to improve the quality of life of Kiwis, while creating a more efficient economy and lower carbon footprint.

It might take brain power but it won’t take billions of dollars.