I started covering parliament as a young journalist in 1973 and have kept an interest ever since. I’m no moralist and have seen many goings on and reported none. The current melee however, offends me.

The Andrew Falloon scandal was just that. Politicians are no different to the rest of us and there are bad as well as good.

The Ian Lees-Galloway affair was a different matter.

I watched Judith Collins on the am show talk about knowing of a scandal in the Labour Party. She was on the program to talk about Andrew Falloon.

I don’t believe the straight answer to a question argument she put up and I don’t believe in coincidences. The morning after a National scandal the National Leader hurls dirt at the government.

What I want to know is who sent the email. We know with Falloon it was the mother of a 19 year old student which is transparent.

Convince me the message to Collins wasn’t organised.

If all of parliament knew about the affair as journalists tell us a letter to Collins the day of the Falloon scandal is just too cute.

In addition I’m reminded of the scriptures quote, ‘let he (she) who is without sin cast the first stone’.

Then we have National MP Barbara Kuriger telling us to leave MP’s families alone. Would an MP give me the same courtesy? Did Collins think of the wife and family when she hit the am show?

I’ve been in Hawkes Bay where the rumour factory anti the PM and he fiancee were both vicious and unbelievable. Dirty politics is alive and well with National. If they want my vote they need to clean up their act.