There was a full page ad from SAFE telling me that October was world egg free month. It was time to put the chicken before the egg they told me.

What rank stupidity but that’s what you’d expect from the idiots at SAFE.

Hens lay eggs whether SAFE eats them or not. The intelligent amongst us do. They’re an excellent food source.

So if I don’t eat the egg it sits on the ground or in the box. As SAFE don’t like chickens in cages its likely to be on the ground. An egg on the ground is tempting food for rats, ferrets, weasels and stoats who will consume the eggs with alacrity and multiply at pace.

Those extra pests also like eating chickens. It’s happened at home.

So Kiwi’s do your duty. Eat eggs today and minimise the effects of the chicken eating rats, weasels, ferrets and stoats.

Chickens need you now – eat an egg.